Super Bowl XXVII: “The Start of a Dynasty” | Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills | NFL Full Game

In honor of Super Tuesday the NFL presents, the Dallas Cowboys dominating the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl 27!

00:00 – Start

5:11 Jim Kelly Sacked on Third Down

8:18 Tasker Blocks Punt

11:50 Thurman Thomas 2-yard TD

22:59 Kelly picked Off by Washington

25:44 Aikman to Irvin for 20 yards on Third Down

28:38 Aikman to Novacek for 23-yard TD

31:45 Kelly Strick Sacked and returned for TD by
Jimmie Jones

39:50 Kelly Intercepted on 4th and Goal

50:41 Reich to Reed for 38 yards

55:29 Christie 21-yard Field Goal

58:50 Emmitt Smith 38-yard Run

59:35 Aikman to Irvin for 19-yard TD

1:02:30 Thurman Thomas Fumble, Cowboys recover

1:03:41 Aikman to Irvin for 18-yard TD

1:08:42 Reich Intercepted by Larry Brown

1:15:51 Aikman to Irvin for 25 Yards

1:22:12 Elliott 20-yard Field Goal

1:34:27 Reich to Beebe for 40-yard TD

1:44:34 Aikman to Harper for 45-yard TD

1:47:01 Reich Intercepted by Everett

1:49:36 Emmitt Smith 10-yard TD

1:53:17 Reich Fumbles, Norton Returns for TD

2:03:21 Leon Lett Folly!

2:10:12 Cowboys Celebration

Dallas Cowboys head coach, Jimmy Johnson, completed his rebuild in emphatic fashion against the Buffalo Bills. Coming into Super Bowl 27, many were picking the experienced Bills, appearing in their third straight Super Bowl, to take home the Lombardi Trophy. Instead, the Cowboys annihilated the Bills en route to a 52-17 win.

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